The intervention focuses on the movement of modular units that use real time carbon data to expose origins of power in relation to global carbon markets.

The project aims at creating new networks, challenging traditional flows, and promoting critical conversation around the topics of climate change. Through an anamorphic lens, the proposal takes the established ideas of what museums are and uses them in a nontraditional intervention within the Miami Beach Convention Center, as means of encouraging dialogue around the complex carbon trading economy. The spatial performance seeks to engage the convention center though shifting modules, complex and unpredictable layouts, and changing social interactions. It is responsive, it shocks visitors, it creates new relations. 

This project doesn't pose a solution, but rather exposes a specific category of climate change. This space is intended to operate as a normal convention space would, but also provide opportunities for people to confront the reality of what is happening regarding carbon trading and how they, or their company, relates to the spectacle they are participating in. 

Project Partner: Jake Spangler     |     Professor: Ross Exo Adams     |     Site: Miami Beach Convention Center, Miami, FL