Fog + Collection was a studio project that was focused around engaging new types of fog collecting technology and incorporating that technology into a facade for a mixed-use development in San Francisco. Our site was situated in Knob Hill, a prime area to experience the city's fog phenomena.

Little research outside of MIT's fog collection research has been completed, and therefore very little working precedents for this type of technology exist. We started by looking into the "Harp" like fog collection system that is employed by the United States Geological Survey. The Harp design uses monofilament placed closely together to allow fog to condensate on the string, eventually moving downward to combine with other droplets. We used the idea of monofilament to begin our own design, experimenting with different gauges, distances between each line and unjulation. Water condenses on fishing line, and if placed strategically, the water will move downwards into other condensation droplets, making a heavier bubble of water to travel down the facade (see this below).

Our mixed-use project was designed to be an active artist residency, offset by providing luxury apartments on the upper floors of the building and using the collected gray water to contribute to lower costs. San Francisco is one of the most expensive cities in the United States, pushing out smaller businesses and artists for large corporate headquarters. Our project was focused on giving those artists a place to work and live within the city.

Project Partner: Jake Spangler

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